Other wolfieproductions


One response to “Other wolfieproductions

  1. Bege Wiegman

    March 7, 2011 at 5:34 am

    WOW, these are great!! I havea always wanted to do what you are, expecially with songs I think would fit very well with certain images. If you need some ideas for music, maybe I can give you some ideas. Here is some things I have used in worship, without videos, and some invitations for you to create one with these. ( Only suggestions)

    Michael Card Poiema Track 2 “Basin and the Towel”, –for a healing service with handwashing and /or Maundy Thursday

    Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir Be glad Track 1
    “Be Glad” for palm Sunday procession

    Others that I’ve thought would work with some created video
    Carrie Newcomer The Gathering of spirits Track 10 “I heard an Owl” The chorus is “now don’t tell me hate is ever right or God’s will”

    Peter, Paul and Mary In these times Track 4 “Don’t Laugh at Me” About different kinds of kids, and a fun one Track 10 “All God’s Critter”

    Steven Curtis chapman CD Speechless, has many possibilities

    Also, Denny and I have created CD’s to be used when I do a clown worship with various themes for confession, sermon, prayer, communion, etc, which you are welcome to have.

    Blessing on this exciting ministry. Peace, Bege


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