04 Apr

For Easter 3 to accompany the Luke 24 text, Caedmon’s Call’s Beautiful Mystery. The band’s unusual name was inspired by Cædmon, an Anglo-Saxon cow-herd who lived during the 7th century. Legend has it that Caedmon was afraid to sing in public due to a lack of musical talent, and shied away from occasions where he had to sing. After leaving a feast one night because he was too embarrassed to sing, he lay down in the pasture with the cattle to sleep. An angel appeared to him in a dream, calling him to sing. After refusing, he eventually decided to sing and when he did, he sang beautiful verses that had never been heard before, based on the story of creation and using the style of pre-Christian, Anglo-Saxon poetry. Founding band members Cliff, Danielle, and Aaron decided on the name “Caedmon’s Call” after all three heard this story during the same week and thought it was fitting.

For Easter 4, Good Shepherd Sunday, a video presentation of the Gospel text John 10:11-18.

For Easter 5, and the second reading from 1 John, Jars of Clay’s new twist on an old favorite, They Will Know We Are Christians by Our Love.

Videos are free for use in worship. A donation may be made to St John Lutheran Church, PO Box 206 Lithopolis, Ohio 43136. Tell them wolfie sent you.

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