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911 Remembrance: Heaven Help Us All

Cross at Ground Zero

In my estimation it is impossible for a worship service not to acknowledge in some way the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City, Washington D.C. and rural Pennsylvania. The toughest part is doing so in an honest, reflective way that honors the dead, respects the living and is hopeful for the future of our world. I hope the following video accomplishes those three things. Charlie Pride and son Dion team up to cover Steve Wonder’s hit “Heaven Help Us All.” The video sets up with the otherwise normal aspects of that tragic Tuesday, followed by the shocking intrusion of terror into our lives.


This video is available for use in worship for $15 at The ELCA website also offers some good printed resources for worship on September 11. Check it out.

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Way of the Cross

A road less traveled

When last we left Peter he was the rock upon which the church would be built. Now he’s just a chip of the old human block. The way of the cross, it seems, has a way of getting in the way of things. Lectionary 22 (Pentecost 11) August 28, 2011 features The Way of the Cross, sung by Oklahoma’s Jami Smith. Remember too that intercessory prayer visuals are now available for each week.




A unique form of cross bearing would be to ante up $15 if this video is used for worship. This may be done at

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The Real Jesus

There is nothing like a direct question, huh?

Who am I?

“Who do you say that I am?” From this Jesus elicits Peter’s confession of his Messiahship, but the question is hardly settled. For Lectionary 21 (Pentecost 10/August 21, 2011) Downhere’s “The Real Jesus” explores the mystery of this Messiah who still confounds us as he inspires us, a messiah who refuses to be boxed into our neat, tightly reasoned theological or cultural categories. The end of the video features an extended quote from Albert Schweitzer, whose seminal work “The Quest for the Historical Jesus” turned upside down biblical scholarship with its stunning conclusion that the Jesus we think we know is really nothing more the a projection of the cultural and theological assumptions of the historian. Imagine that! The “real Jesus,” believed Schweitzer, is an ineffable mystery experienced by following this crucified Christ on the way of the cross.

The real Jesus probably would not charge for use of the video in worship. So neither will I. Have a good day!

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Prayers of Intercession for Lectionary 21, 22

A new feature on visual accompaniment for intercessory prayers. These can be used while the lector/reader delivers the prayers. A light musical track is also included. The plan is to provide these two or three weeks ahead. To enhance the effective use of these visuals, we will be removing the printed prayers from the worship folders, leaving only the call and response portion as in, Lord in your mercy, (Hear our prayer).

Prayers for Lectionary 21 (Pentecost 10) August 21, 2011

Prayers for Lectionary 22 (Pentecost 11) August 28, 2011

If you would like to use these for worship and feel moved to offer a monetary offering of $10, you may do so at, the more or less commercial part of wolfie’s endeavors. Usually, less.

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Walk on Water

For the preacher on Pentecost 8A there are two ways to approach the story of Jesus walking on water and Peter, not so much. The most common approach focuses on Peter not focusing on Jesus long or sharply enough to keep out of trouble. Our TRUST is the issue. David Lose ( suggests a road less traveled: What does Jesus do when Peter sinks like a stone: he reaches out and catches him. According to Lose, Jesus is not merely our life coach, but our savior.

The video features Walk on Water by Blue County. The song is from the Evan Almighty soundtrack, not exactly a repository of great theology for sure, but the lyrics do point to the impossibility of our walking on water even if we stared at Jesus morning, noon and night. It’s the whole ontological thing: we human types just aren’t made that way. Any way, homiletically and visually, wolfie is headed for the gospel side of the law-gospel dialectic, just for a week, just while the waves are high. The video features some worthy attempts at running on water, but never more than 20 feet.

Fortunately I do not have to walk on water to make these videos, but it does takes some time and effort, and for $15 dollars (on your honor) you can use this one for your worship service at

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