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For Lent 4A two ways to visually approach the story of Jesus’ healing of the blind man in John’s Gospel: Those who see, yet are really blind, and of course the blind man, who Jesus heals with a little spit and mud. For tact one: Jackson Browne’s 1972 classic Doctor my Eyes. It’s tone described perfectly the cultural exhaustion of the early 70’s, and now 40 years later, it still evokes a sense of frustration with our inability to see the world as it truly is. The narrator of the song tries to articulate a struggle to see metaphysical reality and inner moral clarity and turns to a doctor who might help the physical, but not the spiritual malaise. The lyrics are admittedly vague, but this makes sense to me. But heck, that’s just me talking. Make of it what you will.

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Gotta Serve Somebody

Might as well be the Lord, huh? Bob Dylan’s classic produces on-target theology for Lent 1A, Matthew 4. To whom can we surrender? — all the stale gods we know so well, who turn on and kill us, or to that Deep Wellspring of Novelty who breathes life into the dead? I think you know the answer to that one.

Dylan “got saved” back in 1979 and wrote and recorded this.┬áThat was the same year I got peeoed at the church and left. Strange how things work. Dylan has since embraced Judaism and God knows what else but hey, that’s how the stone rolls.

John Lennon, by the way, ridiculed Dylan’s turning and in response wrote Serve Yourself. Lennon was shot dead a few months later. I am sure there is no connection (insert wry smile here.)

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My Kind of Folks

I did this video with my flock in mind… a beloved community through whom I have consistently experienced the grace of God. Rainy Day People, written and sung by Gordon Lightfoot is not an overtly “religious song” whatever that might mean. In my eyes is about people with two feet planted squarely beneath the cross, perfect for Lent or any time for that matter.

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A good friend popped this song into my mind — the soulful People Get Ready. I used the original Curtis Mayfield cut, bluesy and bold. The opening is from the one man (person) Bamboo Train on the Bamboo Railway in Cambodia. Shots from it are interspersed through the piece as the train makes its way to reunion with fellow workers — a good image I think, of resurrection. There will be some Sundays in Lent when that is just what is needed.

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